T-Baggers Log - Episode I - A Long, Long Time Ago on a Website not so far away..

T-Baggers Log - Episode I - A Long, Long Time Ago on a Website not so far away..

Morning T-Baggers, welcome to our first blog to keep you updated on what's going on with out new & growing company as well as giving you our views on the latest news in all things geeky and Pop Culture!

Firstly I want to say a massive, huge, Kong-sized THANK YOU to everyone who has liked us on Facebook (if you haven't make sure you add it to your "To Do List" for the day and we'll forgive you) and obviously you awesome people who've purchased some of our sweet T's.

Well it's been over 3 months now since we launched our website and things have been good so far (Not Witcher 3 brilliant, more Final Fantasy IX good) but then no new business launches and finds instant success - I like to think of it as a slow burner, Like series 1 & 2 of Breaking Bad.

Apart from my love of Comics, Gaming & T-shirts, my knowledge of running a retail business is limited to sinking all my holiday money through Hot Topic and Box Lunch when in Florida but it's something I want to do for me and hope my passion for it will be passed on to you lovely people and I can help you feed the habit that is a T-shirt collection.

The next few month's are very exciting for us here as we are busier than a fan's theory thread on Facebook following a Justice League trailer with Comic Con's, Festivals, new product and a whole new range of original designs on the way it's very exciting times - not to mention all the films which are coming up in the next few months which we'll review for you and let you know our thoughts (as well as any T's with have to follow with it)

Well I think that's enough of my waffle for now - don't want this to be like a unskippable cut scene from Dark Souls - so thanks again and please let us know your thoughts of the site, the shirts and anything we can do to help you bag a new T'.

Muchos Love

The T-Baggin Team



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