T-Baggers Log - Episode II - Two Beasts and A Ginger from Hogwarts

T-Baggers Log - Episode II - Two Beasts and A Ginger from Hogwarts

Afternoon T-Baggers,

We love our films here at T-Baggin, partly as I love a good geek out and partly as without these films I'd have little to put on our shirts so every Thursday I'll aim to get a weekly review up to give our thoughts as well as letting you know of any T's we have relating to it which will be coming available soon for you lucky people.

 This week I watched the remake of one of the cornerstones of my childhood in Beauty & the Beast and as well as CGI-fest Kong:Skull Island (hence the blog title)

 We'll start with the live action remake of Beauty & The Beast featuring more big names than a completed Pokedex, this film was always going to be a license to print money for Disney and as a self-confessed Disney die-hard (I can recite Prince Ali word for word on request and regularly attend Disney pub quizzes with my fellow members of The Bippity Boppity Bitches).

From start to finish this was a great film and any worries I had about another large part of my childhood being butchered (I'm looking right at you Mr Bay) where swept away as Gaston entered the scene and was as horribly brilliant as the cartoon. 

The way they included the pub table dance scene from the Broadway version was immense (Yes I like Gaming, Wrestling and Musicals - it's a niche market) and Belle came across as headstrong and independent as in the original.

In summary I'd fully recommend this film to all and hopefully - we should have some Disney related vest tops and T's on the way shortly for all the other Disneyphiles out there.

 Then we watched a "proper" monster film in Kong: Skull Island which was an enjoyable, action packed film which teased Samuel L telling us he had had it with this MF monkey on this MF island!

I woul describe it as a donner meat and chips of a film - it wasn't great for me but it was damn enjoyable & I'd do it again! And (sorry for the spoiler) the Mortal Kombat moment at the end of the big showdown between Kong and the Skull crawler king was immense - and if any of you can tell me you didn't hear "Finish Him" in your head at that moment I'm a little disappointed in you.

The post credit scene sent tingles up my spine as a massive fan of the old, rubber suit Kaiju Godzilla films and can't await for these two to square up, name drop Mothra and become BFF's.

Kong Vs Skull Crawler

 A decent week ahead for filmage and with a child free weekend (hooray for Grandparents, they the real MVP's) , tickets to Guardians 2 Friday and wedding Saturday I will report back after the weekend when the hangover is more under control.

Have a good weekend guys and let me know your thoughts on both Kong and Beauty & The Beast.

Muchos Love

T-Baggin Team

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