Dirty Velvet

According to legend (and their website) in 2006, two renegade designers sought sage counsel from a wise Panda and thus Dirty Velvet was born.

Dirty Velvet have been an innovator in their field for over 10 years now and their take on thought provoking T's have made them a hit with everyday T-shirt wearers.

These shirts have been showcased in the media by fellow shirt enthusiasts Russell Howard (Good News on BBC3), Usain Bolt (Incredibly fast and insanely cool guy), Josh Widdicombe, Jack Dee and many others.

We’d like to thank the wise Panda mentioned above for granting us permission to stock these great products!

And just because these are designer T's, it doesn't mean they still don't come with the free comic as per standard with T-baggin', we wouldn't do that to you extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen.