About T-Baggin

Welcome to T-Baggin you beautiful creature you, and thanks for checking in with the new home of Pop Culture and Retro T-shirts in the UK!!

T-Baggin's Origin Story

I have always been a self-professed geek - a badge I wear with pride, like the honour of beating Ruby Weapon on FFVII - and I have an obsession with T-shirts. If I see a different, funny or geeky T I have to have it- much to frustration of the other half (or Lady T as she'll now be known), as this is where most of my pennies have gone over the years.

Why T-Baggin?

After several holidays with the family to America, I realised that our cousins across the pond are spoilt for choice with pop culture utopias like Hot Topic and Box Lunch in every mall across the country. Having grown up visiting Brighton every weekend to spend every penny I had in the comic shops and stalls of the world famous Lanes, I realised we have nothing like them on this side of the pond or outside of Brighton.

Whilst talking about this with Lady T one night over a large glass of wine (as most wise decision are made), I had a vision (imagine a Zelda cut scene) to start a business which would bring a friendly, fun & exciting shop to the UK- where people like me can indulge the geek that never grew up in them, or for teenagers who don't just want glitter and sparkles - and thus T-Baggin was born.

I T-bag, You T-Bag, He/She/We T-Bag

And so the journey begins with the website.  Feeling very much like a Noob, I purchased a website name, commissioned one of my friends to help design the website and called on Lady T to help with the marketing of our on-line store and we began our quest to provide you with

the best shirts around. I've loaded the inventory with shirts which sport designs and logos for people like me - that's you, dear reader, in case you hadn't guessed :-) 

And remember, sharing is caring so don't forget to T-bag a mate to show them you care and to get discounts on your next purchase once they buy your recommendation.

Don't be a Stranger

I'm doing this as it's something I love but as I said at the start, I want this to be a friendly, interactive place that you will want to come back to again and again.  If you have any thoughts on the products we have or feel we should have in store, please let me know and I'll be happy to see what I can bag for you.

Scratching the itch with every purchase

I appreciate you reading this far (I must be doing something right) and every purchase is massively appreciated as it allows me to carry on doing something I love and to supply you wonderful guys and girls with more T's. Based on this, and the fact it's comics that started my habit, as a thank you for every purchase you'll get a free random comic from the archives - it might be related to your purchase or it might be something totally random and new for you to explore.

Become Mr (or Mrs) Money Bags

 Think of it as levelling up or gaining new abilities - the more you t-bag the more moneybags you earn - for every £40 spent in store you'll receive a money bag voucher worth £10 off your next purchase.

Remember caring is sharing so don't forget to T-Bag a Mate!!

As we geeks tend to travel in packs (or a Party to use the correct term) I want you to be able to share your new T's and apparel with your friends - with every purchase you have the option to T-Bag a mate and you'll receive 10% discount on your next purchase! What more could you want? Money off and the chance to T-Bag a mate, everyone is a winner.